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Happy New Year from the NHC

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Today, the whole team at the Newton Hale Centre of Bioresonance wishes all our clients and followers all the best for 2023, and we'd love you to join us in reflecting on some of the top benefits of Bioresonance and guide you to living a healthier lifestyle with better wellbeing for you and your loved ones.

Men’s Prostate Health - How Bioresonance Can Help

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Most men grow up hearing about the prostate - even if it doesn’t directly become an issue in their lives until a little later on in life. The prostate might be a small body part, but it is also vital.

Your prostate health is something you need to be aware of where you can, and that’s why it can be essential to learn about it and what it does. Let’s look at what you need to know about the prostate, its function, the issues you might face, and how bioresonance can help with some of your problems.

Long COVID - The Menace We Battle With Bioresonance

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a long and challenging experience. Becoming infected with the coronavirus was, at one point, a serious, life-threatening event.

In most cases, you became infected, got ill for two weeks or so, and then recovered. However, for some people, this was not the case. They experienced a continuation of the symptoms after they recovered from the initial virus, and this was dubbed "Long Covid".

Can Bioresonance Help With Weight Loss?

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Weight loss is an issue that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. There’s a lot of great-tasting food out there which is cheap and easy to prepare, but it’s loaded with fats and unhealthy amounts of salt and sugar. Consequently, obesity is at a high level worldwide and doesn’t show signs of stopping.

Our Getaway Retreat - Escape Daily Life at the NHC

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The grind of everyday life can be challenging. We fully understand, as most of us do deal with it, just how difficult it can sometimes be.
That’s why we’re offering a getaway retreat for anybody who wants to look at it. We’ve created a perfect relaxation space, and we wanted to talk about it just so people understand what’s available.

The Importance of a Work/Life Balance and How We Help

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For many people, the work-life balance is one of the hardest things to achieve. Nobody wants to work more than enjoy the finer things for them in life, and there are many stresses associated with having to hold down a full-time job, but one of the unfortunate consequences of working is that we often neglect the rest of our lives.

How Bioresonance Can Help With Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common things to affect a person. Up to 80% of the population suffer from a form of back pain. This means that finding a sustainable, reliable method of dealing with back pain is critical.

Goodbye 2021: Moving into a healthy 2022 with The NHC

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Well, we made it. 2021 is coming to an end, and we are moving into the unknown of 2022 with a positive outlook and a healthy mindset. We are pretty confident that it’s going to be a good year because we are going to meet up with optimism and purpose on our journey to help all our clients live their best life in 2022.

Christmas is Coming - Are You Looking After Yourself?

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As we get ever closer to Christmas, life becomes about family and being thankful for what we have. For many, this is a sigh of relief that they’ve got good health, but if you’re not one of those people, why aren’t you taking a more proactive stance regarding your health?

How Bioresonance Can Help Your Mind, Body and Soul

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Bioresonance is something which you’ll want to take a look at if you’re after a full restoration of mind, body and soul. It isn’t difficult to see why either - bioresonance has been a popular method of healing for a long time now.