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I was introduced to Caroline via a mutual contact who had enjoyed positive results from both her own, and her family’s, consultations. I was amazed with my personal feelings from my first appointment - I returned home feeling rested & had the best sleep in months! Plus a feeling of calm & composure. This continues with ongoing sessions & Caroline has been great at fitting around my schedule. Thank you Caroline.
I was recommended to try Bioresonance by my sister, who had her breast cancer successfully treated at a Clinic in London some 18 years ago. I had abnormally high levels of Prostate Specific Antigens (PSA) and following MRI and CT scans the NHS Consultant proposed a biopsy to rule out prostate cancer as a possible cause. Speaking to other men who had had biopsies of that sort I realised that such invasive treatment could have very unpleasant side-effects and decided to have a Bioresonance Scan to ascertain whether or not I had prostate cancer. The initial scan, which was totally non-invasive and actually most relaxing, revealed the causes of my high PSA levels, none of which were cancer. During the next few weeks I visited Caroline for treatment and she also pointed me in the direction of Homeopathic Treatments which I continue now as part of my daily health care, not just for the prostate problems but also other health issues which were picked up by the initial scan. I highly recommend Bioresonance as a treatment option for any health issues especially when conjoined with Homeopathic approaches to health.
I had several session with Caroline and was always in awe how accurate the scans where, I felt energised and as though my battery had been recharged after each session which was amazing.It was also lovely to chat with Caroline in my sessions and pick up many health and well being tips.
I had four sessions with Caroline and I honestly felt the best I’d felt in many years. I had several complaints as I have chronic conditions and after the treatment I felt pain free, many symptoms went and I felt much calmer. I wish more people knew about Bioresonance and how effective it is
I had a number of sessions at Newton Hale Bioresonance, the machine scans your body for ailments and deficiencies and then treats what is needed, I noticed a big difference after around 3 sessions in my energy levels and well-being and I could see the various ailments and deficiencies reducing every time on the report. Caroline also provided suggestions for how to improve my health further in conjunction to the Bioresonacne treatment which further improved the result.
Highly recommend for anyone to try bioreconance.
I was suffering from chronic fatigue for about a year. Not having any answers or help from many visits to the doctors I was then recommended by someone ells to try this.
After being so unwell and off work far too much I thought I would give it a go. I’m so glad I did. I finally got answers and the help I needed to recover.
Thank you so much Caroline for all your help.
Introduced to this by a close friend and in the absence of anything conventional working what was there to lose!?

Have suffered for nearly 4 years with severe back pain following a compression fracture in the spine, so real mobility issues, and generally feeling unwell!

I will also admit to being sceptical, BUT seriously surprised and pleased. Following 2 treatments I am feeling so much better, moving better and generally very much more upbeat! I don’t understand how this works but it has made a huge difference to me and my general well-being!
Hi Caroline - I just wanted to thank you for the amazing consultation and therapy I received with you today. Very impressed with the report and the detailing of the changes I need to make to improve my all round wellbeing. I walked into you treatment room feeling very ill, exhausted and on my knees energy wise - Within minutes of completing my first treatment I felt refreshed and had energy that I’d not had for several months. I would highly recommend you and your treatment for anyone who’s feeling burnt out, exhausted or just not 100% and can’t get to the bottom of why they feel unwell. I’m definitely going to continue with my treatments. Thank you for giving me my spark back. X
This week I had my very first bio-resonance treatment with Caroline Hale at the Newton Hale Centre near Chester. It was quite an experience, I was amazed that their system was able to identify my problems and issues -even some I had not mentioned. They were able to suggest solutions to address my problems and the bio machine administered treatments.

That night I enjoyed the best nights sleep in ages and really felt rejuvenated.

Certainly a treatment to recommend. It was a very thorough examination and a truly impressive experience - Wayne
I visited Caroline after being recommended by my Sister and my Dad.

I am a very confident on the outside but over anxious on the inside person and the thought of trying new things really takes me out of my comfort zone, but I needn't have worried, Caroline instantly made me feel at home and at ease.

I was gifted the stress and anxiety pendant for my birthday and wear it daily, it has made a dramatic improvement on my day to day life, leaving me to enjoy my job role without the daily panic I used to endure.

I was amazed at how the machine picked up on what was happening inside my body. I have made lifestyle changes off the back of the reaults and am starting to feel amazing!

Thank you so much!! xx
I was introduced to Rob and Caroline by a mutual friend. They are lovely people who only have the best interest of their clients in mind. I had been suffering from stress and insomnia for some years. The pendant and bracelet they gave me have really helped. Caroline also gave me some very good advice about stress management. I now feel more relaxed and sleep so much better. Thank you both.
Caroline & Rob are great, we travelled from the north east of England to visit these guys one weekend and we learned so many interesting things..I took my wife along to have a scan and decided to have one too. My wife suffered terrible anxiety and we both feel the scan and energetic balancing has had a noticeable effect.
More unbelievable was the fact that I wasn’t expecting any noticible changes for myself as I was certainly skeptical, however the Bio-resonance therapy ended up curing my indigestion that I have struggled with daily for many years! I’ve held off from writing this review for 5 months to see if the indigestion returned. I haven’t my altered diet and work very long hours. The results from the NHC are simply incredible. Thank you Caroline & Rob. Best wishes..Andrew.
As a Therapist, I am always interested & open minded about new concepts in the Therapy world & this morning had the opportunity to undergo a consultation & an analysis of my body from a machine that aims to detect & highlight any imbalances & offers a 'treatment'. I was given an impressive, detailed print out which highlighted areas that made sense to me personally so was very impressed.
Caroline & Rob have been fantastic, introducing us to bio-resonance as well as a ton of practical advice on health. We had a day’s worth of treatment at their Newton Hale Centre in Kinnerton near Chester, and were extremely well looked after. Caroline & Rob also made a trip to London to give us treatments at our home. Thank you both for a great eye-opening experience.
Dawn Hutchinson 5th June 2019 09:06
I had my first treatment for help with stress and anxiety on May 25th 2019, I feel so much better as if a weight has been lifted.
Thank you so much Rob and Caroline you are both truly fantastic and lovely people xx
Jessica Jordan 15th May 2019 16:30
These guys are amazing, so friendly and just basically really care about your health & want to see good results. They achieve amazing results with the bio resonance treatment.. it is cutting edge medicine.... i absolutely love it.. it can help clear so much of the crap we carry round, the imbalances making us feel tired and low, that simply don’t need to be there. Thank goodness for this treatment & for Rob & Caroline doing this amazing work to help people feel and be well. Feel so much lighter & clearer after having treatment.
Thank you so much Rob and Caroline for my treatment yesterday.
Absolutely wonderful! So powerful, balancing and healing.
Incredibly informative.
Reveals the secrets of our body and mind, and what we need to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.
I Highly recommend you try this healing energy system.
Looking forward to my next session!
(April 8th 2019)
Elizabeth-Ann Chestnut 3rd May 2019 19:58
Prepare to be amazed!!!!! The amount of information you will learn about yourself is vast!!!! I’ve battled Lyme Disease and Coinfections for years that wreaked havoc on my body. After eleven months of IV treatment the damage was even greater. I’ve been working with The Newton Hale Centre ( N H C ) a few months. I purchased a Lyme pendant and I also do remote treatments in the comfort of my home. I’m amazed at the level my body is beginning to heal. I am regaining strength and learning new things to help the healing process. The staff is so kind and caring. I look forward to what the future brings in my journey to being well.
April 8th 2019
I had my first treatment yesterday (April 10th 2019) My medication for a heart condition makes me very tired/mornings a struggle and the biggest thing I noticed today was waking up early with no alarms or effort, which hasn't happened for 3months. I also feel much lighter today/upbeat and more energetic. looking forward to seeing what happens from my 2nd session x Thank you Caroline
I came to Newton Hale Centre over a very bad skin condition on my hands. My hands were covered with itchy red eczema right up to my elbows. Very painful and emotionally very distressing as anyone could see my skin problems from miles away. After the first Bioresonance treatment my eczema literally almost disappeared. I felt fantastic again! Skin problems almost gone, tons of energy, overall very relaxed and grounded. Bioresonance also picked up on other conditions I currently had going on. I received 5 treatments so far and can feel and see major improvements on physical but also on emotional level.
This machine is fantastic! Definitely recommending to anyone whose seeking to improve their health. Very relaxing environment and Caroline with Rob are simply brilliant! Very friendly, full of knowledge and willingness to help. Lovely people always going far beyond my expectations.

Thank you ever so much for everything you have done for me so far.
Marie-Lou and David Gittens 1st May 2019 15:00
We were very fortunate to be introduced to Rob and Caroline and the Bioresonance treatment they offer by our good friend Susan. My husband has a bone marrow disease, leukemia, transvers myelitis and of course with all that comes many others things not the least being stress. We are both being treated and definitely are seeing results in many areas. They are both very compassionate and giving people and you just know that their heart is fully in what they do. I am all for alternative medicine and I am so happy we have been able to have bioresonance treatments.

Marie-Lou & David
Bioresonance therapy has really helped my Lyme disease related chronic fatigue. I had been treating Lyme disease with antibiotics and herbal protocols for 9 months prior to trying bioresonance. Whilst these other treatments had helped with pain and inflammation in the body the fatigue was not improving so I decided to try bioresonance. Within a week of my first session my energy levels had massively increased and have continued to do so after every session. I have been able to do activities that I’ve not been able to do for over two years due to my ill health. Walk my dog, practice yoga and ride a horse.
Treating Lyme requires a multi pronged attack and I believe that bioresonance has been a great addition to my treatment protocol and has made a huge difference to my health.
Heather de Silva 30th April 2019 23:29
You guys are very good at what you do, I felt totally relaxed and at ease at our sessions. Rob you are truly a comforting and lovely person.
I had a truly wonderful and relaxing time when I visited Rob and Caroline for my treatment. It has been life changing!!!
I’ve been coming to Newton Hales for 5 months now, it has made a huge difference to my Lyme symptoms. I come regularly and am feeling better each month. It’s a lovely relaxing place, and the treatment is very powerful. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with health problems, it is holistic and non aggressive and really works !
Absolutely excellent! Amazing results. Very helpful and understanding. Very relaxed atmosphere. Second session even better. Feel a lot healthier. Will be going again. Thank you very much much to both of you.
I was very skeptical heading into my first Bioresonance treatment last Nov but as my daughter had booked it for me I felt obliged to have it.
Well a couple of days after that first treatment, I felt as if I’d won the Lottery and I continue to feel truly well. My energy levels have also soared, I’m sleeping so much better and look forward to making the most of every day. I continue to have regular treatments every 4 weeks and I massively feel the positive benefits from each one.
I suffer from Lymes disease, Bartonella and Candida. This was very overwhelming to hear, and I struggled to see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, since starting treatment with the Newton Hale Centre, my symptoms have began to disappear! My outlook on life has improved, and my knowledge for good health has vastly expanded due to the help of Caroline and Rob - which are what make this treatment so special, because although the treatment fixes you, Rob and Caroline are also educating you on the best things for your health. They have supported me so much through a really tough time, and I dread to think where I would be without them and this amazing treatment!
(If you are struggling with GPS, and feel as though your voice isn’t being heard, then this is the place for you!)
Everything was explained fully and clearly and Caroline was great at answering any questions I had. I am also very appreciative of how friendly, welcoming and helpful Caroline was. Many thanks.
Charlotte Jones 17th April 2019 13:56
I have been seeing Caroline for life coaching for about 2 years which has massively helped me for my confidence and fear of dogs.
Since Caroline got the Bio resonance machine I have had numerous treatments to help with my skin, allergy testing and stress and anxiety. I also wear a stress and anxiety pendant which has also really helped to keep me emotionally balanced with work and family life stresses. I always look forward to my treatments as it helps me physically and psychologically within myself and my relationships. It is also a time to relax and unwind while listening to a meditation if requested.
Thank you for all your help, look forward to seeing you for my next treatment.
I was intrigued to have a bio-resonance scan recently. Having never had one before.
Bio-resonance should have more attention altogether in the alternative health of the 21st century.
Recently Rob and Caroline introduced me to the Bioresonance technology. They performed the initial
diagnosis and gave valuable advice and recommendations on how I could improve my health! The machine picked up allergies that were undetected in a recent blood test! It was accurate!

The consultation was relaxed and I felt very comfortable!
I am looking forward to treatments on the other machine!

Donna, Barbados

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