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The Newton Hale Centre of Bioresonance is a therapy centre run on the north-west border of England and Wales, near Chester, and only a short ride from Liverpool and Manchester. We are a fully trained, fully insured and fully experienced team of therapists with the empathy and care for customer service like no other. While you will soon realise how professional and passionate we are about all of the benefits that our services can bring, we work so hard to do so in an incredibly informal way; in order to put you at ease, fill you with confidence, and allow your body to respond with unparalleled success to our treatments.

We are incredibly unique and fortunate to offer much more here at the Newton Hale Centre of Bioresonance too. We are on a joint venture with leading life coach Caroline @ Peace2gether, providing you with the option of enrolling on a single or group of life coaching sessions, which can help not only lift your spirits and boost your mental wellbeing to tackling new methods of treatments, but also allow you to objective-set and build your plans, goals and dreams for when your health is back on track and improving.

At the NHC, we offer completely free off road parking which will leave you resting assured your vehicle is parked securely in a beautiful, peaceful part of North Wales. We also run promotions from time to time in order to give back to the community, both locally and nationally. We allow you the ability of purchasing gift vouchers for a loved one, along with donating gift vouchers to charities in order to help spread she fantastic effects that Bioresonance can have.

Our therapies are backed by proven scientific methods which allow for the treatment of deficiencies within the body, illnesses and disease. Our treatments are chemical free, and our additional services of in-house life coaching and health programmes make the NHC a one-stop-shop for putting you on a journey of recovery, less pain, healthier lifestyle and a better overall quality of life.

With all the benefits our services can bring you, please call us on 01244 911 999 for a no-obligation conversation on how we believe we can help you. Please make an enquiry for further details as all our treatments are bespoke and always work out to be excellent value - afterall; you can't put a price on your health.

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