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We are the Newton Hale Centre of Bioresonance. A modern, supporting and quick-developing therapy centre based in the North West with the ethos of making lives better. Why not see how we can help you?
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We offer so much more than just a service - with The NHC, you join us on a journey of improved lifestyle, quicker recovery, and diagnosis transformations with record results. Start your no-obligation journey by calling us today.
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Backed by a highly skilled, regularly reviewed team and many decades of scientific research, development and proven results, our Bioresonance therapy is leading the UK in alternative treatments of illnesses, ailments and long-term conditions.
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Whether you wish to start a journey towards a generally healthier & more positive lifestyle, have ongoing physical issues or a debilitating disease, Bioresonance has been proven to help tackle ailments when medical science has failed.
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The Newton Hale Centre of Bioresonance is a provider of exciting advancements in both the treatment of ailments and illnesses and the development of tailored health plans and therapies in which matches not only your exact body make-up but targeting any deficiencies you may have from the bodies core. We are ambassadors of our own service, having been treated ourselves by the incredible gift to the world that Bioresonance is; and we have made it our life-long mission to help as many people to join us in realising that "health is wealth". We are incredibly proud of our incomparable care and attention to the success of your treatment, therefore please get in touch today, and learn how we can work with you to realise the benefits a healthier, stronger and cured body can give you.

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