About Bioresonance

About Bioresonance

Bioresonance was originally invented by leading scientists in Germany in the mid 1950's and its core benefits were suspected and investigated many decades prior to that. Backed by international, global development; Bioresonance is designed and proven to adjust the energies and neurological patterns within your body in order to effectively 'tune' them to their perfect natural frequencies which help tackle the negatives from deep within your bodies core.

How does it work?

Imagine your body as a system of electrical impulses, energy and chemical compounds. In essence, it forms the true make-up of your body and wellbeing. Your central nervous system and route from your brain to every element of your body is a complex highway of flowing energies and data, all of which can be severely impacted when an illness, disease or unhealthy lifestyle strikes. Our therapy is designed specifically to fine-tune your body and target the frequencies which destroy the negative elements within your body from the core, allowing your body to naturally restore the correct balance of free-flowing energy and chemicals without the need of damaging medications and failed treatments.
Pain Free

Is It Invasive?

Absolutely not. We are leading in scientific research because of the benefits natural treatments can have. We can often be guilty of believing scientific research and alternative treatments are somewhat unnatural, however science is not only what drives us to develop and evolve, but also recover and heal. Our treatment involves placing painless electrodes onto your body and allowing our technology to "read" the messages your body is sending out in forms of its energy waves. We then return energy in order to counter-balance the negatives, restoring your bodies optimum balance of energy, chemicals and balance. If you're not pregnant, and don't have a pacemaker, our treatments are completely safe, pain-free and highly effective.
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Is it for me?

The main use of Bioresonance is for treating the effects of toxins in the body, which can include such conditions as fatigue, allergies, digestive disorders, insomnia, arthritis and much more. Smokers, drinkers and drug users are often particularly vulnerable. If you sense that your body is ‘out of tune’, why not arrange a consultation to see if Bioresonance could be a helpful path to take. The primary benefits of Bioresonance is the successful treating of misbalances within the body. All types of illness and disease are either rogue growths, or chemical intolerances within your body. We offer initial health check sessions at The NHC which can provide a full report of your body make-up and deficiencies. You can then make a choice whether to proceed with treatment. If you feel your body is 'out of tune', lacking energy, in pain or traditional treatments are riddled with side-effects and not working, then Bioresonance is something worth exploring.
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