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Why you should always use cleanser on your skin

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One of our best-selling products at the moment has to be our Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier and with good reason. However, the thing about cleanser is that many people still think that they don’t need to invest in it, that all they need to do is to simply wash their face and be done with it.

However, the truth is, a cleanser is an incredibly powerful tool to have in your skin care regime. But why? Why should you always use cleanser on your skin?

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Why invest in a cleanser

So, wondering whether it is actually worthwhile buying cleanser? We think so! Cleanser is a vital stage of skin care. Especially if you have acne prone skin or skin that is very oily. Water will remove some dirt, but you will find that grease will stick around. The best way to remove grease from your skin is to use a good quality cleanser, this will leave you with beautiful feeling and looking skin.

You will also need to use cleanser if you wear makeup that has a high oil content, as well as waterproof or long-lasting makeup. This type of makeup is stubborn to remove and simple water is never going to do the job for you.

Aside from making sure that your skin is squeaky clean, many cleansers will also have a moisturising effect and for many of us, a little extra touch of hydration for your skin is never a bad thing.

Launching our new NHC Wellbeing product line

Caroline, our therapist and lead health & wellbeing coach here at the NHC has placed together a line of fantastic health & wellbeing products which not only come hand-picked but highly recommended too. These products have been incredibly popular amongst our Bio-resonance, coaching, accommodation & sauna clients; and for that reason, we are opening them up to order to you today.

Why choose our cleanser?

Now you know why it is worthwhile buying cleanser for your skin, you might want to learn more about why our cleanser is the best one to buy.

One of the main reasons that this particular cleanser is popular is because it is designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin types can benefit from this cream cleanser.

Whilst it is gentle, it is also effective, it will melt away your makeup and leave you with clean skin that feels great too. Not only this, but our cleanser also comes with an extra fluffy bamboo cloth. Not only will this stop you from using too many wipes or cotton pads to remove your makeup, but you can also enjoy the fluffy feeling of it on your skin.

Want to make sure that your skin feels as good as possible? If you do, then you might want to take a look at our amazing Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier!

Click here to browse the new "Inspired by Caroline Newton Hale" product line today.

We can promise you that your skin will feel great simply by being cleansed properly.

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