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Coronavirus: This is what you can and can't do on lockdown

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So, the UK is on lockdown as this is seen as the best way to stop, or certainly slow down the spread of the Coronavirus aka COVID-19.

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement he said there were just four reasons why people should be leaving their homes and they are as follows:

  • Shopping for basic necessities like food and medicine - but you should do this "as infrequently as possible" and use food delivery services "where you can"
  • One form of exercise a day, such as a run, walk or cycle. This can be done alone, with members of your household, or indeed with your dog
  • Any medical need, to give care or to help a vulnerable person
  • Travelling to and from work, but only if this is "absolutely necessary" and cannot be done from home

However, for many people, this has raised more questions than it answers, so here is a little more detail on what that means in the form of some FAQs.

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What if I don’t want to be on lockdown?

Unfortunately, this is not a choice based instruction. The police will have powers to fine people and return them to their home address if they are discovered outside of the property for any reason other than those listed.


What about dentists?

Dentists will be switching to an emergency service only meaning that all routine appointments will be cancelled. Obviously, if you are in pain and have a dental emergency, you should contact your practice as usual. Orthodontic patients will not be attending any clinics during the lockdown. You may be given advice to manage your problem at home, or you may need to go in for emergency treatment.

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What about hospital appointments?

Appointments at hospitals will continue largely as normal, but you should not attend if you have any suspected coronavirus symptoms. Visiting hospitals has been largely cancelled, and you may be contacted by your hospital to change or cancel the appointment if they are in a situation where they cannot see you.

I share custody of my child, how can I still see them?

If your child is ordinarily resident with the other parent, you are still able to visit your child, but it is not advisable. It is permissible as it is recognised that children need both their parents but lots of moving between houses should be avoided.

What about the construction industry?

This is one area that has been under debate a lot, Michael Gove has said in his opinion as long as social distancing is continued construction sites in the open air can stay functioning. However, this is not terribly practical, and it is not actually seen as an essential service, so many are not going ahead. The government has promised support for workers in lieu of wages.

But what about the planned work at my house?

Again, if the site is open-air and builders can stay more than 2m apart from you and each other they may continue otherwise they will need to stay away.

What about plumbers and electricians?

Routine jobs should not be carried out; however, in an emergency situation, they may attend the property to make safe but should avoid close contact with other people and maintain social distancing.

What about delivering food to people in my family that don’t live with me?

Provided you leave shopping outside, you are unlikely to be in trouble for delivering shopping to people in need as this falls inside the scope of providing care. The same goes for those who volunteer to help vulnerable or elderly people, but you should maintain good hygiene and social distancing where possible.

Supermarkets are open, what about independent food shops?

The answer to this is under the lockdown rules they are quite welcome to stay open. However, many are not able to staff if they have members of the team self-isolating, and some prefer to move to delivery services and online orders. It is entirely up to them, so check with their website if they have one, or give them a call.

Can I still use the bus, train, tram or tube?

If you are a key worker and need to get to work, you may use public transport. Social distancing rules must be obeyed; however, with reduced services, this has become difficult. You should not be on public transport unless you are a key worker or your travel is unavoidable.

Can I go for a drive to break up the monotony?

Michael Gove had said it is unlikely that people would be pulled over by the police just for driving; however, the police are starting to stop and ask people where they are going, and they may not consider this a valid reason. It is better to stay at home where possible as guidance gets stricter.

There are gangs of children hanging out in the parks. What do I do?

If you are able to inform their parents via phone, you should encourage them to go home, if not and you believe they are increasingly become a danger to others, call the police. 

Can I walk the dog?

You may walk the dog as part of your one exercise today; you should not use the car to drive to a walking spot if possible, however. You should remain local to your house where you can walk. It is not advisable to walk other people's dogs as this breaks the rules of social distancing and maybe prolong the amount of time we are on lockdown.

What about my MOT or my car breaking down?

MOT’s have now been deferred for six months, but garages do remain open for repairing vehicles and getting fuel. Car showrooms will be shut.

Can I rent a car?

Car rental companies are allowed to stay open; social distancing must be adhered to.

What is the immediate family when it comes to funerals?

It is difficult to say, but groups of people are not allowed to gather. Crematoriums and churches can sometimes offer streaming facilities for people who cannot be there. Anyone who does attend must maintain social distancing rules.

Will the lockdown go on for more than three weeks?

At this stage, it is impossible to say; however, is likely. The more we can all adhere to the rules as they have been set out, the hope is the crisis will pass. If there is an intensification of virus cases, then we may be locked down for longer.

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