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How The Newton Hale Centre Helped with Eczema

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There are a number of benefits to Bio-Resonance and to heading to The Newton Hale Centre. Some people find that a simple one-off course of Bio-Resonance is all they need, whilst some find that they need a little more than this. Particularly if they have a number of issues. 
We have recently been able to help a lady from Cheshire, who needed our support with a skin issue that had been plaguing her for some time. That issue was eczema.

Eczema before Bio Resonance
Our eczema patient before their Bio-Resonance treatment

What is Eczema?

Before we look at how we, here at the NHC helped this particular lady, it is worthwhile having a look at what eczema actually is. 
Eczema is a skin condition. Those who have eczema will have red, crusty and flaky patches of skin that can also almost look very sore, and even bleed in severe cases. The most common places that people have eczema are on their knees, their scalp, their lower back and on their elbows, however, they can actually occur on any part of the body. 
These patches are often itchy and sore, which can lead to the person feeling that they are uncomfortable. 
It is thought that eczema affects around 2% of all the people in the UK and whilst it is most likely to affect adults under the age of 35, it can actually occur at any time in your life. 
For some people, their eczema is just a minor irritation, but for others, it can have a huge impact on their life as a whole and leave them with severe symptoms which can be difficult to treat. Eczema can be a long-lasting disease and there are usually periods whereby it is worse than the rest of the time. 

How the NHC helped her

Some 20 years ago, this particular lady decided to seek the help of Bio-Resonance to treat her eczema. The treatment worked for her and her skin improved for some time. However, it seemed that over time, her skin made somewhat of a u-turn and those symptoms of eczema made a reappearance. Knowing the help it had given her last time, she decided to come to us here at the NHC and arrange for a Bio-Resonance treatment. 
The treatment worked and now she is incredibly happy with how her skin looks. In fact, so much so that she has agreed to help us by launching our natural skin care products with us (more on that soon, so stay tuned). 

The healing process was relatively straightforward for this particular lady, despite the initial itching she was already experiencing in the early stages, she has seen a huge change and great value in having this treatment. 
So much so, that she has actually decided to rebook to see us in February, having a separate treatment to assist with imbalances in her reproductive system, which has been causing her discomfort for some time.
We have really enjoyed working with this open-minded individual and we look forward to helping her to have the best year ever. 
Eczema after Bio Resonance Treatment
Our eczema patient after their Bio-Resonance treatment, and receiving their follow-up treatment at the NHC

We can help You

Whether you have underlying, short or long term health issues, or whether you haven't had a health check in a long time and don't know whether you have any undiagnosed negative unbalances or toxins within your body, click here to get your free health check today. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee so your full satisfaction is guaranteed.

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