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Read Caroline's INCREDIBLE Bio-Resonance Transformation & Experience

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We're incredibly proud of the Newton Hale Centre of Bioresonance, and would like to take this opportunity to share the success story of one of the co-founders of the NHC; Caroline Newton Hale, who from her own success with bio-resonance was empowered to offer improvements in quality of life for thousands of people suffering from debilitating health conditions around the United Kingdom.

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Caroline's Story

I was born with eczema and it appeared on all the common places that you would expect it to on my body. During those early years, this uncomfortable skin condition was controlled and managed with creams and specialised eczema bathing products. These products seemed to do their job during my childhood, however, at the age of 21 things seemed to change and my eczema became a whole lot worse. 
With patches erupting all over my face and body, I arranged a visit to the doctor who advised me that I would need to take a six-week course of steroids and six-week course of antibiotics too. They also suggested that I be admitted to a hospital, where my eczema could be further explored and tested. 
During this six week period, I needed to apply steroid cream twice a day and bathe in appropriate bathing products twice a day too. The hospital also wanted to test whether or not my skin issues were caused by food allergies, which is something that I believed could definitely be the case. After the tests, the hospital confirmed that my eczema was not due to any food allergies. However, I still wasn’t sure that this was the case and it was something that I wanted to explore further myself. 
Whilst my skin did clear up during my time under hospital treatment, it wasn’t long before it started to flare up again. Not only was my skin painful and uncomfortable, but it also caused me to feel depressed and with my skin becoming worse and worse, it resulted in me needing to give up my job as a beauty therapist; something that caused me to feel even more depressed.
It was clear to me that the time had come for me to look at another way to treat and heal my skin. So, I came to the decision to see a homeopath. I knew that a homeopath would not only be able to help to clear my skin, but also take a look at my emotional struggles and how we can solve those long term. 
Another reason that I decided to explore other options for my eczema and stay away from prescription drugs is because I found out that the medications that I had been prescribed were having side-effects that I hadn’t even realised were causing a problem. In fact, without realising it, my liver had actually been damaged by the drugs that I had been taking to help with my skin. 
The trouble with taking antibiotics is that you often feel that you have no other choice, but to trust the GP’s and listen to what they suggest for your skin. In many cases, GP’s can help you to cure any issues that you have with your body, however, in some cases they can feel that they are actually trained salesmen for the pharmaceutical industry, trying to help make money from your health. All by prescribing you the drugs that they believe will help to cure your problems. 
But what if the drugs that they prescribe you are actually going to cause your health to decrease in the long term? Rather than curing you, these drugs could be making your problems disappear for a short term, only to re-emerge at a later date often with symptoms that are even worse.
Does it not make much more sense that we take a look at what could be causing these medical issues? Finding out the underlying problems and finding ways to cure them? 
Alternative health seems to take this approach, in fact, alternative health often recognises that many people have something that is known as candida overgrowth. An issue that many in the medical industry will pretend is imaginary, or that they can cure with a perfect pill that is going to resolve all of the symptoms that you are feeling, without ever really giving much thought to the real cause.
With all this in mind, I decided that the time had come to conduct my own research and learn more about my symptoms and now to try and cure it. The first thing that I wanted to change is my diet. Over six years I decided to remove all the things that could be having an impact on my skin. This included removing gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast. 
The sugar in my diet was feeding the candida causing an overgrowth. The candida then will spread its grip across every single organ within my body, and I could feel the effects as this happened. Along with giving up my job, I also found it hard to even just get out of bed in the mornings, I suffered from headaches each and every day and I felt that I couldn’t live a normal life because I felt so ill and weak. 
Thankfully, for me, over time, with the homeopathy, a chiropractor and the changes to my diet I found that I started to feel better. I fully embraced the alternative health approaches that were having a positive impact on my life. 
I drink wheatgrass, I take liver salts and I also enjoy an immune boosting natural tonic. I consume a detoxifying clay, which helps my body to remove the bad bacteria.  I do things that not only make sure that I take care of myself, but also that I heal my body too. I am learning about the ways that I can walk down my own journey to recovery and take good care of myself too. 
The final step of my journey came in the form of bio-resonance. This form of therapy was recommended to me by a friend who had bio-resonance which then detected a brain haemorrhage. She was advised to seek medical help and whilst she did come against a hurdle in the early stages, she was seen at a hospital, where the abnormality was confirmed and then treated within an emergency ward.
After her story inspired me, I decided that the time had come to try bio-resonance for myself. I found that the person carrying out the treatment was an ex GP herself, which meant that she was in a great position to be able to help me to assess my issues and treat them the best that I can.

Caroline Receiving Bio-Resonance Therapy
Caroline receiving her bio-resonance therapy

It only took the first bio-resonance therapy session for me to feel better, and in no time at all, I was actually able to go running, something that I had never felt able to do before. My energy levels improved and I felt that I was already improving the way that I felt as well as my health inside and out too. 
Along with the bio-resonance therapy, with the liver issues being picked up on my scan, I decided to go with a fully vegan diet, which would give my liver the support that it needed to improve and be healthy. Bio-resonance gave me a clear view of what was happening in my body, and how I could change my lifestyle to combat each issue.
With every therapy bio-resonance session, more and more negative bacteria was removed from my body, which meant that I felt stronger and stronger within myself. I not only took up running, but I also returned to dancing, which was a great passion of mine. I felt comfortable to walk more with my dog and I also felt able to return to work full-time. 
It made sense to me, that with my passion and understanding of bio-resonance, that this is something that I could bring into my future. This led to both myself and my husband Rob (a director of a large distribution company) to invest in bio-resonance therapy machines & equipment and we started our own health centre helping those people, just like I had been helped all that time ago.

Rob & Caroline Newton Hale: Founding members of the NHC at a local fundraising event recently. 

I know what it is like to lose your health and to lose all the energy that you need just to live your life. I know what it is to have dreams and goals that you want to achieve. I want to one day have my own baby and it is with bio-resonance that I am able to work towards this goal.

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