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Bio-Resonance Success Stories

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We are incredibly proud of our bio-resonance service here at the NHC, and the results that it can achieve for our customers and clients. However, we know that it can be hard to just simply believe what we say. To show you just how amazing the results can be, we have put together some of the bio-resonance success stories. 

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A resolution for a regular smoker

Smoking can be a hard addiction to beat. Of course, some people can try patches, chewing gum or perhaps vaping as a way to kick their smoking habit, however, these approaches don’t always work out. An anonymous poster on a bio-resonance review web page has shared their own story and how bio-resonance helped them to battle their urges.
“I have been a smoker for over 20years smoking between 10-15 per evening. I really wanted to stop a few years ago but due to stresses of life found it impossible to give up. I was told about Bioresonance by a cousin who had his own addiction problem and after having the therapy got back in control of his life. The treatment session with David was absolutely fantastic it was an hour session. 
I have tried vaping, patches and gum but with no real effect in giving up the habit. 
Bioresonance has removed the urges and hence the habit has disappeared.”
Anonymous - reviews.co.uk

Helping someone with their poor health 

There are a number of reasons that people decide to try bio-resonance, however, many times it is down to the fact that they feel that they haven’t been able to get the answers that they seek via the more traditional medical approaches. 
“Previous to Bioresonance, I had completely deteriorated with over 15 symptoms ranging from severe fatigue, losing vision in my left eye to fainting and severe headaches/paresthesia. I had spent time in hospital where they didn't understand what was wrong just putting my severe condition down to a viral infection whilst giving me numerous antibiotics which negatively affected my gut. The NHS then informed me it could be fibromyalgia which I always knew was just a title used for conditions they don't truly understand. I was recommended by a paramedic to try bio-resonance as she felt it sounded like a later stage of Lyme Disease. I went to Chris not giving him too much information as I was fairly sceptical never hearing about it however reading the principles my wife agreed with it. Within minutes, bio-resonance was able to suggest what pathogens my system contained including Borrelia (Lyme), Bartonella, Rickettsia and others. I have now been going weekly since early October and bio-resonance has helped my condition improve amazingly. I owe a lot to bio-resonance as its getting me back to a good place.”
Lee Charleton - reviews.co.uk

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Pain relief for a long-term sufferer

Pain is a common reason that many people decide to try out bio-resonance. Living with chronic pain is not only going to take its toll on your mental wellbeing, but it can also have an impact on your entire life. Which means that curing this problem is definitely top of the list. 
“Looking back to last year, I can’t believe how much my life has changed. I used to wake up in pain every single day and I would have to take 8-10 painkillers a day and even after that my pain would still be there. I lost the number of times I would just start crying cause I was in so much pain and I knew I would have to go to a&e. That place became like my second home. I would be there 2/3 times a week. All the doctors would be like you know you have been here 30+ times. Why do you keep coming back? It was hard to explain that this pain I had in my lower back and stomach would just take control over everything. I was in hospital over 10 times. They did all the tests possible and even put me on morphine but that wasn’t helping. Every day was a struggle and my biggest achievement would be not ending up in a&e. Fast forward to November 2016 I came across Bioresonance. I thought it wasn’t gonna help after all the doctors I’ve been to but I was pleasantly surprised. I noticed a huge change in my energy levels and my pain disappeared. I am not in pain anymore and I am a&e/ hospital free 11 months now. I don’t even take any painkillers anymore. I never felt better. My life is back to normal and I can do everything I ever wanted before I got sick. Thank you for changing my life Bioresonance”
Anonymous - reviews.co.uk
These are just some of the positive reviews that we have seen regarding bio-resonance recently, want to make yours a success story? Either contact us with any questions you have for a no-obligation chat or book straight in for a completely free bio-resonance health check to see how we can help and support you.

Disclaimer: All reviews referenced in this article are completely third-party reviews by claimed verified users of Bio-Resonance. They were not requested nor endorsed by The Netwon Hale Centre of Bio-Resonance and for that reason are credible unbiased experiences of bio-resonance treatment.

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I have had two ablation for atrial fibrillation twice. That really helped a lot but I was left with the heart skipping beats here and there. The Doctor said that it was okay because we all have blips at times. But after a few bioresonnace treatments the blips in my heart have totally disappeared. I have been blip free for about two years!

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