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Mastery of the Self - Biohacking

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Some people believe that the human body is something that we have very little control over. They think that we can not change anything about ourselves, but this is not the case. 
A lot of people believe that you can hack your body to suit your needs. The process, known as “biohacking” is a belief that isn’t covered a lot in the news. Here’s an explanation of what it is, and some “biohacks” to try out for yourself.

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So What is Biohacking?

So, biohacking is basically where you change your chemistry and physiology through scientific processes to suit your specific needs. The definition might seem broad, but that’s because the idea of what biohacking can be is constantly evolving and growing. 
However, the basic principle remains the same. You are changing elements of your mind and body according to what you deem important using scientific methods, with the overall aim of becoming smarter; stronger and faster. 
There are some technologies which attempt to do this on a basic level already, such as the Fitbit and the Apple Watch. They collect data for use and help to regulate our fitness, but this is only a basic application of the technology. 

Biohacking For Beginners

There are actually a few different biohacks that you can do without having to worry about trying to master any of the more complicated stuff. For example, did you know that you can hack your body to sleep better? 
All that you need to do is put aside an hour before you go to bed every night where you make sure that you avoid all forms of technology. It’s that simple - the brain needs time to cool down and do nothing involving a screen. Read a book, lie down and relax, or draw something - it all helps when you’re trying to hack some more hours in bed. 
Something else that you can also do is train your brain to chase a sense of purpose and not a sense of happiness. It may seem like a massive contradiction, but hear us out. Happiness is a fleeting sensation when you pursue it relentlessly. It leads to issues like substance addiction and an overreliance on technology. The real joy comes from doing things like finding a hobby with a sense of deeper and sustained purpose, and learning to appreciate all the little things. It might not make a lot of sense to begin with, but it can make all the difference when you’re trying to hack the body into looking for more long-term and sustainable contentment. 
So, to summarise, there’s a lot of benefits to biohacking. You’re learning how to make your body behave in the way that you want, and not listening to any other perspective or belief. It’s not always easy, and we appreciate that, but it can be so worth it. You gain a new mastery over yourself, and you can train your mind and body to do things you never thought possible. If that’s not incredible, we don’t know what is.

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